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service for wholesale and export

In modern professional plant business producing high quality plants just isn´t good enough anymore. All markets ar well satured and there is a lot of competition. We all need to adjust to this special market situation.

We as a producer face this challenge. We need to deliver arguments that support our customers with an advantage on the market. Every customer has individual needs that we need to respect.

Therefore we´re always eager to offer our clients the best possible service.

competitive, professional und reliable

  • delivery settlement of large numbers in short time
  • professional packing and labeling
  • loading of 2-3 trucks simultaniously
  • professional labels with customer info printed on them
  • high yearly production amounts
  • large assortment
  • trolley booking via Floraholland, Landgard etc. possible
  • fast replies with all necessary info


  • short termed ordering / delivery possible
  • packing on all kind of charge carriers
  • labeling / princing on demand
  • printing of labels and stickers
  • install additional marketing material
  • loading with plants from other nurseries possible

large assortment

With more than 100 varieties in we´re pretty sure we´ll have the right one for your client.

Our products are available in the following categories:

modern purchase systems - fexible buying and invoicing

You can order from us by telephone, mail, fax, Blucom and Floraxchange. You can receive our offers personally, by mail or Floraxchange.

With strong logistics partners like Transpa we can offer short termed delivery of small amounts of CC´s as well to the Netherlands. Trolleys can be booked via Floraholland, Landgard and Container Centralen.


strengthened environmental awareness

More and more gardencenters, supermarket and DIY chains raise the prioritze of a good environmental and social bilance. That´s the reason why we certified for GOBAL G.A.P. - this way our customers can be sure that we respect environmental and social standards.Additionally we produce our own young plants, therefore we can guarantee that there are no arrears of unwelcome pesticides or other substances in our plants.

certified plant health

Our plants can be exported to the whole world - including China and Norway.

Our stocks get inspected 3 times per year to renew our export licence. Additionally there are inspection in front of every export. Therefore you can be sure that our plants are healthy.

environmental protection

We don´t use pesticides that are a potential threat to bees.

Further we stick to all current phytosanitary standards.