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service for gardening and landscaping

For our clients in this field we have a lot to offer:

logistics, distribution
and info

  • delivery settlement of large numbers in short time
  • avoidance of unnecessary waiting times
  • bundeling of you plants with plants from other nurseries
  • on demand we organize your transport
  • professional logistics partners
  • labeling with hanging labels and customers info
  • fast replies with all necessary info

large assortment

With more than 100 varieties in we´re pretty sure we´ll have the right one for your client.

Our products are available in the following categories:


Besides our solitaire Rhododendron, group and hedge plants we can also offer topiaries. Besides our yakushimanum stems we offer umbrella shaped rhododendron as well. On demand in a larch trough as well.

landscaping with rhododendron

Rhododendron are oldfashioned? Or even boring?
Defenitely not!

In this part we´d like to give some impulses. This is mostly for private customers, but as well for landscaping designers that don´t have much experience with rhododendron. From noble style elements in the garden till big parks - rhododendron are always a good choice.