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modern production methods and classical know-how

We produce carefully selected varieties of rhododendron hybrids and yakushimanum, syringa vulgaris and deciduous azalea in best quality on a production area of estimately 50 ha. We also offer a lot of other specious in our lab as tissue culture and we´re also able to fastly take new specious into culture.

Thanks to the combination of modern micro propagation and classical know-how one of our big strengths is the fast production of high amounts of plants in best quality.

We produce a total amount of estimately 500.000 plants in various varieties and sizes on our containerfield. Our open fields have a total estimated size of 40 ha. Especially because of the peat moss ground on our open fields our rhododendron have best growing conditions. Big rhododendron, yakushimanum stems and azalea in various sizes, colors and varieties find there place here.

young plant production

in the greenhouse, tunnels and estimately 2 ha containerfield

open field production

40 ha open field rhododendron from small to big