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containerfield production Edewecht

On our container field in Edewecht we produce around 300.000 Rhododendron Hybrids P23 (C5ltr.) for our customers. Additional we grow there rhododendron yakushimanum, deciduous azalea and syringa vulgaris in large quantities.

We don´t limit ourselves to the field of mass production. Therefore we ´re able to offer a large and attractive assortment in various sizes to demanding customers as well.

rhododendron hybrids

In total we produce estimately 300.000 rhododendron hybrids P23 (C5ltr.) per year. In general we produce 2 product lines:

1 line with large amounts per variety in 4 colors for large promotions for DIY and supermarket to be capable of deliering nice uniform looking CC trolleys.

1 line with a large amount of varieties and sizes to offer an attractive assortment to professional garden centers, landscape designers and other demanding customers.

rhododendron yakushimanum

The charactaristics of yakushimanum offer big advantages for certain usages. They are well suited to be use as balcony plants, tub plants, planting underneath other plants because of their slow growth and their higher insensitivity to sun. Also they are a great eye catcher in small beddings in from of the house or for small headges as a land surround.

Here we also believe in diversity. We have over 30 varieties in our assortment, some of those are our own breeds.

decidious azalea

Currently we produce rhododendron luteum, mollis and viscosum in estemately 25 varieties on our containerfield in pot size P19 (C3ltr.) and P26 (C7,5ltr).

With this assortment we offer a good mix of bushy slowgrowing varieties and slim upwards growing varieties in many attractive colors.

They are especially winterhardy due to the fact that they are decidious. Even without leaves they´re a real eyecatcher due to their quaint growth. Additional you can see their strong flowering colors even from afar and some varieties have a really strong fragrance.

syringa vulgaris

Currently we have estimately 15 varieties on our containerfield. We produce syringa in pot P19 (C3ltr.) and P29 (C10ltr.).

Especially syringa benefits from young plants from micro propagation. They guarantee an early basis branching and a bushy sales product. Another advantage of growing syringa on their own roots is that it makes sure, that you don´t have the problem (you´d have with graftings) that the variety used for the root would do fresh shoot from the rootball with other flowering etc.
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